Sovoso is (L to R) Bryan Dyer, Vernon Bush, Sunshine Becker, Ashling Cole, Zoe Ellis, & David Worm  - Photo by Ken Friedman

Sovoso is (L to R) Bryan Dyer, Vernon Bush, Sunshine Becker, Ashling Cole, Zoe Ellis, & David Worm  - Photo by Ken Friedman

SoVoSo (Soul to the Voice to the Song) is multi-cultural, highly imaginative a cappella ensemble, that sings a unique rhythmic mix of jazz, gospel, world and R&B music. SoVoSó continues to pioneer new horizons in contemporary vocal performance, bringing traditional world rhythms into the 21st century.  They have received top honors on the contemporary a capella scene, including First Prize and Audience Favorite at the National Harmony Sweepstakes, as well as awards from the Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards and the Isadora Duncan Awards. SoVoSo’s repertoire consists of original compositions and other songs that present a global perspective, from Afro-Latin idioms to traditional jazz choral arrangements. SoVoSó has also shared the stage with Gladys Knight, Michael McDonald, Bobby McFerrin and Maya Angelou.

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From the Soul to the Voice to the Song - SoVoSó is an award winning vocal band who's trademark is their exceptional ability to transform themselves into a believable "full band orchestra" highlighted by spontaneous musical inventions.  

They sing a compelling mix of rhythm & blues, world-jazz, pop, gospel, and improvisational music. Culturally diverse, each member is a skilled soloist and composer in his or her own right, trained in widely varying musical genres that equally enrich and strengthen the group as a whole.

Originally assembled in 1986 by renowned vocalist Bobby McFerrin, members of SoVoSó performed with McFerrin in his a cappella group Voicestra until 1993.  The group has evolved and shaped its own musical style since then, renaming themselves SoVoSó in 1994.  Their innovated sound can be heard on their critically acclaimed recordings.  The ensemble's foundation is rooted in the art of circle singing, in which ensemble support for improvised solos is created through inter-locking patterns that are spontaneously composed. 

 SOVOSO soundchecking at Shoreline Amphitheater

SOVOSO soundchecking at Shoreline Amphitheater

SoVoSó also collaborates with a wide range of artists.  The group was commissioned to compose music to Maya Angelou's inaugural poem, "On the Pulse of Morning, " for the San Francisco's city of Poets Celebration.  In 1998 San Francisco choreographer Robert Moses commissioned SoVoSó to compose music for his dance "Mother May I. "  The score won a 1999 Isadora Duncan Award.  SoVoSó also performs in "SongCircus" as well as "Mixed Nuts" - a thrilling circus and music take on the classic Nutcracker show produced by Tandy Beal.

SoVoSó is a living study in how gifted musicians can come together to make a wholly original sound without compromising any member's individual approach to the music. This closely-knit ensemble creates a transcendent magic where each voice contributes to a higher musical purpose. The result is a spiritual expression with an emotional range that fills the heart and frees the soul.

SoVoSó is tight, soulful, and a whole lotta fun.
— Bobby McFerrin
The voices-only SoVoSó is a major innovative force in vocal music. The culturally diverse group has honed its distinctly uplifting sound, one that draws not only form vocal heritage, but also the singers’ own styles, on such original songs as “Say a Prayer” and more traditional vocal showcases including “Down By The Riverside” and “People Get Ready.
— Larry Kelp, KPFA Radio, Berkeley, CA

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